GreenLAnd Circumnavigation Expedition – GLACE

Gaining a better understanding of the Arctic

GLACE is the second major scientific expedition organised by the Swiss Polar Institute. It aims to complete the first circumnavigation of Greenland in August and September 2019. By gathering scientific observations all around Greenland, the expedition will be able to provide a unique holistic understanding of this region critically affected by climate change.

15 research projects and 44 scientists from a wide range of disciplines and from around the globe will be on board the Akademik Tryoshnikov. They have helicopters, zodiacs and a variety of laboratories at their disposal, and will be supported by a large team, composed of lab assistants and technicians, mountain guides, bear guards and pilots, to name only a few.

Along the North of Greenland, an atomic icebreaker will support the research vessel to tackle the multi-annual ice and provide access to the largely unchartered Northern Greenland. Seven super sites have been identified as landing spots to conduct measurements and experiments on land and along the shore. The ship will be stopping at each site for between 2-5 days.

Check out the expedition’s website here and follow it on twitter @GLACEexpedition.