Conference: Crans-Montana 2017


Climate change has global causes and effects. This conference addresses growing challenges and their consequences for fragile environments both in the high latitudes and high altitudes, focusing on the polar regions and the Alps. It brings together researches from natural and social sciences to facilitate dialogue among experts with the aim of comparing observations from these regions, tracing causal chains, and connecting the global and local scales of analysis. Problem-based issues such as biodiversity, urbanization, permafrost, health and risk management, structure the conference workshops.

The conference’s emphasis on links between local and global processes, as well as its interdisciplinary approach, also enable the promotion of academic and public awareness on the climate change mechanisms impacting familiar and distant locations.



  • Water Resources: Converging responses of high altitude and high latitude hydrological systems to climatic change (Martin Beniston – UNIGE)
  • Focus on Chemical Pollution: Environmental Threats in Changing Alpine and Polar Regions (Vera Slaveykova – UNIGE)
  • Tourism: Convergence and Divergence between Tourism Issues in the Arctic and Alpine Areas (Christophe Clivaz – UNIL, Andrian Vlakhov – EUSP Russia)
  • Paleogeography and Climate Change (Jérôme Chappellaz – LGGE)
  • Evolution of Permafrost in High Latitudes and High Altitudes (Reynald Delaloye – Uni FR)
  • Ecology and Biodiversity: The Ecology of Polar and Alpine regions (David Grémillet – CEFE)
  • Ice and Snow Processes for Reliable Climate Change Predictions ( Koni Steffen – WSL, Michael Leaning – EPFL/SLF)
  • Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition: Highlights from Southern High Latitudes (David Walton – ACE)


Round Tables

  • Security and Risk Management: Thematizing Arctic Security, and (Re)defining the New Nexus of Security Risks in the Globalized Arctic (Lassi Heininen – University of Lapland)
  • Arctic Resources: Possible Scenarios of Exploitation (Matthias Finger – EPFL)
  • Remoteness and Infrastructure: Knowing, Living and Imagining the Environments of Polar and Alpine Regions (Ksenia Tatarchenko – UNIGE)
  • Awareness: Developing Awareness of Changing Arctic (Marina Kalinin – NARFU)


Early Scientists Flash-Talk Sessions

40 PhD and Early Career Researchers abstracts have been selected by the organizing committee, following the call for poster proposals. In additional to a conventional poster presentation during standing lunch, all selected posters presentations will take part in flash-talk sessions (120′ for each talk).